New Nature Writers is an organization that establishes an ecosystem of places where people gather to write about the land and waters they love.

Who are the new nature writers?

Scientists, explorers, travel writers, botanists, tourists, concerned citizens, gardeners, monks, historians, hikers, cyclists, farmers, herbalists, park rangers, fitness and wellness enthusiasts, nomads, survivalists, futurists, conservationists, environmentalists, poets, journalists, adventure travelers, ecotravel enthusiasts, national park visitors, global thinkers – this is just a small fraction of the concerned and engaged individuals who write and want to learn how to write to save the world through their words.


As a New Nature Writer you can beginĀ 

right now wherever you are on the planet.

New Nature Writers connects all of us through stories. We exist to encourage, mentor, and support writers within the Nature Writing genre.


New, as in young individuals who want to write about Nature.

New as in emerging and established writers who have not written in this genre previously.

New, as in taking 19th and 20th century nature writing models and reshaping them for the 21st century. The new nature writer recognizes that the natural world, all plants, animals, and people, all rivers, oceans, mountains, deserts, and forests, are connected. In a world where information can be shared faster than ever before, in a world full of daunting headlines and challenges that seem larger than ever before, the new nature writer recognizes that the written word, the spoken story, contains a primal power to create social change. The new nature writer uses brain science to illuminate the path from a world in crisis to one of solutions and sustainability. At the same time, the new nature writer still uses words to paint vivid depictions of the world for readers who find themselves in the urban jungle as well as those in the Amazon, Indonesia and the Congo.

The result is a New Nature that will be preserved and saved as a result of these writings.

Nature Writing is timeless, and necessary as the element of climate change is upon us. If we do not write about our places and experiences then how will future generations know about our land, our Earth?

Connect online or at one of our pop up conferences.

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