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Hello Nature Writers,

This week Thursday is Earth Day. Make plans right now to be outside, on the earth, in the sun and/or clouds, near a lake or ocean, on a hiking trail, or whatever you find to be your favorite earthplace. Rituals are important in our lives. This is the 51st year we’ll be recognizing Earth Day.

For those who want a little more background on this day, here’s a link:

Also, please let me know of your writing projects – last week I asked if anyone had any issues they’ve observed in their communities and neighborhoods. I heard from a couple of you – would love to hear from more of you.

Let’s write about these issues, let’s start a grassroots (no pun intended) campaign to change our local environments. Send me your thoughts about your current writings.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Looking forward to Thursday. I’ll be out on the hiking trail honoring the Native American lands near Mt. San Jacinto. What will you be doing?

Keep writing forward.


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