Trail Notes: How To Transform Your On-The-Trail Scribbling Into Essays And Articles

Don’t throw away those travel notebooks, revisit them to explore your Nature experience again and to utilize those writings within a larger body of work – your work that establishes you as a writer with a voice and vision for our future Earth.

Course Description

Last summer’s trip to Yellowstone, a hike on the Appalachian Trail, a walk through a city park, a cycling trip from Oregon to Patagonia – examples of diverse outdoor adventures that you may have written about or wish you would have written about. Perhaps you packed a journal of some kind or a sketch book. Whether you look at that journal or your sketches a month after you return home or years later, there are probably moments that you captured on paper that may have left your memory.

These are the gemstones you’ll uncover as you dig through these precious pages and these gems can often be turned into short essays and articles, even full memoirs and novels. Never underestimate what was written in the moment, no matter how cryptic the note, there is most probably a thought or observation that can and will be developed.

This session includes prompts that lead you to organizing this material. Prompts such as 1.) why you are unique to this material and why you want to share it with the world, 2.) what is the subject and theme that emerges through your writings?, and 3.) how can you organize these scribblings into a fully-fledged short or long form writing project?


Topics Addressed:

  • How to begin to declutter an adventure journal
  • How to reconstruct your journaling thoughts if you didn’t take notes on the journey
  • Many thoughts – which to choose and why?
  • How certain thoughts lead to themes
  • Identifying subject and theme
  • Identifying the format for your work-article, essay, memoir, novel, short story, poem, etc.
  • Establish an outline for the project
  • Establishing your brand as a Nature Writer
  • Literary magazines and publishers in the Nature Writing Genre
  • How to submit to the publishing marketplace


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Here’s to writing to save the planet!

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