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The Weekly Landscape 2.21.21

by | Feb 21, 2021 | Uncategorized

Welcome.This week’s Weekly Landscape is a bit different than usual.

It is the heart of winter and some of you are dealing with much more than just cold weather – our hearts go out to you Texas – and in the future we’ll most likely see plenty of articles and reports about the maintenance and safety or lack of safety with our energy grids. This is a life altering experience that will not be forgotten easily. This is life as it happens as we live with Nature.

Because we are always interacting with Nature, we would like to share two e-newsletters from writers who exude brilliant wisdom about the craft of writing.

Take a few minutes this week and follow the prompts and advice found in these two posts. Let go of your research and writer’s block this week and embrace your enthusiasm, curiosity and honesty that you have for your writing.

Enhance your writing, do yourself a favor…here’s Julie and John –

Write About This:

How a Deaf Composer Can Help You Improve Your Creative Work:


And finally, join us this Saturday 2/27 at 10am P/11am M/Noon C/and 1pm  E  for our first ever Drop-in Session

Keep writing forward –

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