Backpacking Necessities: Nature Writing 101

What do you need to know to become a nature writer in today’s writing environment?

Nature writing. What is this genre that has seen a rise in popularity in the last decade? There have always been authors who have addressed topics surrounding nature, however, lately, their words have become more urgent.

In this session you’ll be given information you need to fill your writing backpack. Basic tools to help you get through the adventure such as knowing about past nature writing authors, popular topics in this genre, and, why the genre has recently exploded help you see where your current and future material fit into this landscape. Learning to navigate nature writing is an adventure and a reward in itself. Join us to begin to earn your writing badges in the nature writing universe.


Topics Addressed:

  • What is nature writing – the definition.
  • What authors are considered nature writers?
  • Why is this genre necessary?
  • Where to begin with your material – fiction, nonfiction, memoir, poetry?
  • Can your writing save the planet?
  • How to influence readers through your research, writing, and presentation.
  • What is your “trail name” and why? (How do you brand yourself?)
  • Establishing your voice and unique corner of the universe.
  • Looking at navigating the nature writing universe, how to begin.
  • Will your words resonate a decade – or more – from now? How to be sure they do.



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Here’s to writing to save the planet!

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